Sunday, March 21, 2010

5 vials M.enopur available!!

Sorry for the MIA, but life has been, simply put, chaotic...and not always in a good way. Of course the chaos named G is always good, even when it's sorta bad. :)

So before I return to emotional spillage via blog, I wanted to offer 5 vials of 75 iu of M.enopur I came across this afternoon. They expire in June and while I'd love to say I will one day pursue #2, I'm not nearly masochistic enough to see that happen anytime soon.  Email me at redrivershel at gmail dot com if you'd like to put it to good use. 

First come, first served!!


sunflowerchilde said...

Hi Shelby, I saw your Good Morning America segment and it was pretty great. Good job!

I was wondering how you're going to manage with the sending the menopur to someone - does it have to be refrigerated? I ask because I have leftover Follistim, and it does have to be refrigerated, so I have no idea how I'd get it to someone if I wanted to give it away.

Can't wait to hear more about the little guy when you have some free time!

Shelby said...

Hiya! Unlike Follistim which needs to be refrigerated, it has always been my understanding that Menopur does not (as it is in powder form to be mixed with sterile water just before use). Someone correct me if I'm wrong!

So...I was just going to ship it USPS in a box.