Tuesday, December 21, 2010

I Need a Drink

So...did some bloodwork. It turns out I now am the proud owner of a shiny new elevated FSH diagnosis.


Doc specifically instructed us that he would not advise waiting more than a year or two for #2, so my feeling that the clock is ticking was right on. Problem is:

A. We have no money for treatment after the feds raped us this year, we bought a house, and we're still paying for #1. (at least not the treatment we need) and I don't foresee us stumbling on any 'spare' cash in the mean time.
B. And...surprise! Mr. S is not sure he even wants a second.

So, that stiff drink down my gullet may have to come MUCH sooner than FIF.

Again, FUCK infertility.


Anonymous said...

grrr. stupid comment format. I lost my last comment. Sorry for the sucky news.

*GULP* I just threw back a virtual shot in your honor. I wish I could come to FIF weekend- but perhaps I will send my Infertility Gnomette to go on adventures with you :)


banditgirl said...

I am toasting with you with multiple shots of *very* strong home made Slavic liquor. This goddam fertility monster just does not wanna let go of you. Fuck that. Fuck this shit. I am pissed for you. I am sorry. I wish I could cut its head off.

Anonymous said...

It stinks...big time!

Why doesn't infertility ever get better? Why do people finally get to bubs #1 and still hit barrier after barrier in looking at bubs #2...sheesh!

Perhaps something wonderful and unexpected will occur making up (in part) for all the stinkiness you've already witnessed....well, that's the kind of thing I hope for myself, so why not wish it for a fellow IF loverly?

Oh yes, brilliant work on the weight loss!!!!

LS x

Lost in Space said...

IF is the gift that keeps on giving, huh? Sorry for all the new hurdles.

I so wish I could make it for the Vegas trip. I was seriously bummed when I saw the dates and knew I can't go. We have a huge test happening at work scheduled from March 8-20 - a round the clock testing every minute of the day kind of test. I'm writing the test plan and apparently it is important that I show up for the test. Sigh. If for any unforeseen reason this test gets moved (not likely or we will miss our launch window) you can be that I will be crashing your party...

Sarang said...

Yes, FUCK infertility! I cheers to that! Let's go grab that drink, make that drinks, Sista! You name the place, and I'll be there. Big hugs, I hope it gets easier.

Me said...

I can relate to B. I keep hoping I'll be one of those IF urban legends and we'll get a surprise BFP someday!

WiseGuy said...

Came to your blog and realized that I used to read Mr. Shelby's blog, once upon a time.

Dear Shelby, I just wanted to thank you for the kind comment you left for me on my blog.

Wishing your FSH would behave soon.