Monday, February 11, 2013

The Post in Which I Over-share About my Menstrual Cycle (which is why we're all here anyway, right?)

Of all the crap IF has rained down on me, one thing I have always escaped is really awful periods. It's a rare cycle when I even ponder reaching for the tylenol, and the flow (this is where the over-sharing steps in) is always reasonable (from my perspective). I have found, though, that with every pregnancy, of which there have been three (only one lasting beyond a handful of weeks), comes changes in my cycle. There have always been extra-added 'bonuses', if you will, that make my periods just a tiny bit more potent.

That is, until this last pregnancy. The 'bonuses' during, and now after have multiplied tenfold, with nothing to show for but a beyond painful period. And the the flow is out-of-control. Folks, I'm thinking about getting stock in T.ampex now. What the hay?? It's been 4 months since my D&C and holy hell has my body felt it! Anyone well-versed in IF would automatically suggest: straight to saline sonogram with you! My RE of course requires it given the changes since my frozen, but the question is not whether I'll do it, but who will do it. You see, my insurance not only does not cover a red cent of IF treatment or diagnosis, but if I choose to abandon RE #3 and use them as RE #4, they'll still not count any of our treatment towards our outrageously high deductible (yup, not a dime of $18,000 applied), unless something like a saline sonogram were ordered by an OB/GYN for gynecological purposes.

So, on that note, do OB/GYNs even order saline sonograms for menstrual pain? (or worse, HSGs?) I'm about to find out tomorrow. I'd love to see how far my powers of persuasion go without making it completely obvious what my ultimate goal actually is, which is to get something from this process to count towards the deductible. It probably won't save me much in the end, but it's the principle of the matter. Seriously. Damn the man. Damn the man and his zero IVF coverage!


AnotherDreamer said...

Damn the man is right! I really hope you can get it covered with no issues. FWIW, couldn't your RE code it for what it is- menstrual pain/issues? Either way, hoping for good news your way.

Shelby said...

Coding it under something other than IF would've worked with my previous PPO insurance, but this is a doc-in-the-box HMO conglomerate(the biggest one like it on the west coast, so I'm sure any Californians reading know exactly who I mean). There is no such thing as 'going out of network' for them, so my RE refuses to work with that insurance, as I'm sure all private practices do. My only option is to go through the HMO. Phooey!

cheryllookingforward said...

I really hope your OB/GYN will cover it. My OB is affiliated with a Catholic hospital and will prescribe some procedures (like getting an IUD) for menstrual problems. They want to offer the option and that's the only way they are allowed to do it.

Amber said...

Ugg, I'm waiting for my first cycle to start following my d&C. I'm like you, never had cramping and only one day of full flow. I'm not sure what to expect this time around. Also, we have absolutely no IF insurance coverage either. Not. A. Dime.