Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Quick! Act Fast!

I would come up with a clever little competition, but I can't think of anything and quite frankly, there isn't much time before these babies expire!

What I'm talking about is some free meds one of my friend's friends no longer needs (I think I am only about 2 degrees of separation from every infertile in the Bay Area!). If you're in need of the following, email me at redrivershel at gmail dot com:

Full cycle of menopur (Bravelle brand) that will expire 7/2009.
If you know anyone who can use it and their insurance does not pay for it, I am happy to let them have it.
They cost about $2K without insurance.

More info on it:

have 12 unopened boxes with 5 vials of 75 IU menopur in each box.

I also have 3 vials in an open box.

Not sure what a 'full cycle' is referring to in terms of IUs, but I can find out. But in the mean time, being the middle man for this exchange is the least I can do after what Tara and Nikki did for me. (wish I had left overs myself. Well, I do...if anyone needs 3 estrogen pills and a few soggy suppositories, lol)


Martha said...

You and your friend are so sweet! Is it okay to send this to LFCA Stirrup Queens website to post for these meds??

Sarang said...

Shelby, thanks for posting about the free meds!

Martha, I'll ask her if it's okay to post on Stirrup Queens.

Hopefully we find someone who can use. (Shelby, you kill me with added intensity of a "competition". Funny girl.)

Sarang said...

Thought of future competition quiz...decipher that IF acronym...OPK, HCG, BFP, DH, RE, 2WW, AF, BM, AH, BBT, DPT, HSG, SA, ETC. :)

Mr. Shelby said...

Hahaha Sarang,

Gotta make it a little harder though, even *I* could answer those!

Mr. Shelby