Thursday, May 14, 2009

Saving Sanity

I finally broke down and registered on B.aby c.enter. Having forgotten that I had registered this time last year, the system indicated that a login with my address already existed, so I took a guess at the password and immediately jumped to a screen that falsely, and more importantly, cruelly marked a time line that stopped last June. At the top of the screen, your child's age is marked. I never did go in and change it after we lost our bean. B.aby C.enter was a place in my mind I thought I would never return to. My child, had he or she survived, would have been 4 months old. That knocked the wind out of my temporarily confident sails. Instead of trying to figure their system out and removing this information, I promptly logged out and created another account. One for my rainbow baby.

To quell my weekly and regularly scheduled bout of insanity this time around, my new OB gave me ANOTHER ultrasound a few days ago during a routine check-up. And do you know what I learned from that ultrasound? I learned the following:

  • Word has likely spread via my chart and possible office chatter that I'm one of the insane ones.
  • My OB rocks. He is generous with the 'sanity' check ultrasounds, given my continuing status of slightly insane.
  • I have a really narrow pelvis and I better have a baby that is not much over 6 1/2 pounds. Seriously, if you knew me, this narrow pelvis thing would be a shock because I am a true pear-shaped girl who always considered herself to have 'child birthing' hips. Turns out, all that width was not my bone structure but my junk in the trunk.
  • Gender can be determined as early as 13 weeks, 3 days. Really.
  • And on that note, we're having a BOY!! I was shocked when I saw the boy parts as clear as day. Of course, nothing is 100%, but my doc said he'd bet money and although I'm sure the dude has money to spare, I'll go with him on this.
So, yes, many awesome things were learned in what did prove to be a sanity saving check-up. For today, I'm at the top of the roller coaster.


Martha said...

Sorry about the baby registry heartache.
Yipee!! A little boy!! So wonderful and your doc Rocks for the insanity quelling U/S.

banditgirl said...

Congrats, Shelby, congrats! I'm sorry the roller-coaster goes on, I really hope it can reced a bit soon! What an insane experience, and how different from those who never experienced IF. Are you telling us you are still getting u/s every week? You are a real pioneer in this field...

Tara said...

WOW!!! That is awesome.

I hope the roller coaster will even out soon.

Suzanne said...

Oh, yay! A boy!!!

I also had to deal with the Baby Center dilemma. I registed with my ectopic in Oct, 2007 and it did the same thing to me. When I had to reset my account, it was almost like closure for me. It made it history. Bad history, but history nonetheless.

I'm glad things are going well!

Another Dreamer said...

Sorry about the baby registry :( The little things can really do that.

About the rest though... Yay for finding out the gender :) How exciting!

courtney said...! How exciting that you are having a boy (although let's face it, I'd probably have written that exact same sentence if it were a girl, oh well).
It's funny of how the doctor's office lables people. I'm reminded of when Elaine on Sienfeld was labled as 'difficult' on her chart and everywhere she went, that stupid chart followed her.
Good luck getting through these next few months, I'm so excited things look so good!

Michelle said...

I know all about the baby registry heartache! Sorry.

Congrats on your baby boy! That is very exciting!

Sarang said...

I hope this "rolla coasta of love" stays on a super high for a long time! I am sorry you had the B Center difficult experience and hope only good things come your way.

Picturing your little baby boy is priceless.

Sending love.

Ohhh, my word verification is "cares". Awwwww.

'Murgdan' said...

:-) Congrats!!! Hope the coaster is smooth sailing from here on out.

Hope2morrow said...

I just want to know how Mr. Shelby was the one that got to announce you were having a boy before you did! I can't believe it! HA!

Do what you need to do to keep your sanity. I mean, an ultrasound at the doctor's office is not that far-fetched.

The Swann's said...

Becuase I think you're handeling all this Awe-summely, stop by my blog for your Awe-Summm award!!! :-)

Jendeis said...

Yay! Wonderful

Cassandra said...

Congrats on the boy! Looks like I had my most recent u/s 3 days too early to find out the sexes.

Me said...

Sorry about the sad reminder. But congrats on having a baby boy coming!!!

chicklet said...

Babycentre's freaky isn't it. I finally did it too, I couldn't help it. And a boy, yay!

Barefoot said...

Congratulations on your boy!! Such exciting news.

S said...

Wonderful news!! Dangly bits, what a pleasant surprise! I'm so stoked for you guys. =)

enjoy that euphoria wave!