Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Eight's Quite Enough

Really responsible article about the octuplets in which they completely avoided the 'OMG fertility treatments are the devil!' stance. And better yet, my doc was interviewed...and she rocks!


Cassandra said...

My former doc was interviewed in a different article I saw about these octuplets!

I liked the "this is bad medicine" angle, that fertility treatments aren't supposed to create higher-order multiples.

I've been cringing whenever I hear people on TV speculate that it must have been IVF. Um, no, nobody ever transfers 8 embryos. Try again.

Anonymous said...

I love that there is even a question about whether or not the anonymous couple used treatments. Um, yeah! Thanks for posting this, I love your doctor's comments. I know my doctor would call it a massive failure.

Do you think these doctors are somehow looking for attention/notoriety and not being as careful as they should?

The whole thing is disturbing. And now I get to hear the joke from everyone I know - ohhh, I hope you don't get eight babies. Good one!

Another Dreamer said...

How cool that your doc was interviewed :) And I am so GLAD they didn't go at it from the "'OMG fertility treatments are the devil!' stance." I get so sick of news articles doing just that. So, yay.

And I am still shocked she was able to make it to 31 weeks!

As far as the question of multiples and being natural or not... did you know the 1934 Dionne quints were actually all identical? I thought that was so weird, you never really hear about something like that. Obviously, those were natural... so, it's possible, just not common.

So, it always irks me when an article/news story covers and speculates about it being a result of our fertility drugs... because then they make people thing all fertility patients are going to have high order multiples. I know, fertility treatments that result in one baby aren't much news to the common folk... but they're golden stories to us infertiles :)

Ah, done ranting.

Martha said...

That is very cool about your wonderful doctor. This situation about octuplets is really disheartening.

I Believe in Miracles said...

That's the best article I've seen. I like the bad medicine view. I wonder if the woman used meds under supervision or not. Why does she want to remain anonymous?!? Hmmmm

Sarang said...

I cringed when I saw the article on Yahoo this week. Felt really too close to home...literally in CA. I hate that this is not more of an exact science. The article I read did state that higher order multiples are generally due to IUI not IVF. But, really, what does it matter to the general public? Half my friends didn't even know the difference between IUI and IVF.

Good luck to that mama! She is gonna need it. I wish she wasn't anonymous b/c I would send over a big box of Pampers!

I do wonder what most of our threshold is...twins? Trips? Quads?