Monday, January 5, 2009

Catch Up

I have been fine tuning my skills as a neglectful blogger and subsequent lurker for weeks now and as of today, I have my certificate of completion. It's not that I don't have a lot to say, because I do. I mean, my long windedness even takes me aback sometimes. I could talk about the crackpot quack of an acupuncturist I went to or our brief but lovely jaunt up to Seattle or the fact that my 2 WW is coming to an end on Tuesday, which will likely lead me into getting my IVF cherry popped. But, before I do, I have some catching up to do. So, first and foremost, let's start with an award, shall we?

Lovely Brenda over at No Regrets bestowed the Silver Lining Award that Murgdan originated on me:

This award is given as a thanks to those who, despite the darkness of infertility, can still manage to brighten up other's days with a laugh. I have to admit, the real comedy on this site originated from Mr. S., so I will inform him that he too has a silver lined uterus. :) Anyhow, thanks Brenda!

Ah, and there are so many fantastic bloggers who have already received this award that I would love to give it to because they manage to save me from utter ruin in this charade. But that would be redundant and lame if I gave it to them again, so forgive me if I totally cop out at the moment and pass it on instead to a few 'real life' IF buddies, Banditgirl and Sarang, neither of whom have a blog (at least not one that's public anyway). These two ladies somehow manage to leave me in stitches, whether it's talking about 'fire p.enis' (a reference to having interc.ourse after having just inserted P.rogesterone) or where to locate fertility 'aids' (toys ofLink the adult variety). Even if none of us will likely get our babies the 'old fashioned way', we might as well have fun deluding ourselves and trying, right? Seriously, though, these ladies completely take the sting out of this shit hole of a place called infertility and so, I pass my silver lined uterus on to them. :)

Oh, and I have one other person I'd like to pass this onto as well. I just started reading The Angry Infertile and B's post today made me laugh out loud. I could soooo relate. She very much deserves some silver in her uterus as well.

And being the lazy arse that I am, I completely dropped the ball on the meme that Jendeis at Sell Crazy Someplace Else tagged me for. I know this has made its way around, so I will refrain from tagging anyone and let you pick your poison. I apologize ahead of time for my lack of brevity.

A. Link to the person who tagged you.
B. Share 7 random and/or weird facts about you.
C. Tag 7 random people at the end, and include links to their blogs.

1. When I lived in San Francisco, I lived a block east from the projects OJ Si.mpson grew up in. Yes, the projects were still there, but as is often the case in the city, it was surrounded by new, modern housing. A total cluster f$%&, but that's SF for ya.
2. I was a McEn.tire fan all throughout my childhood (since age 7) and managed to run into her at a hotel when I was 14. I completely freaked and when she hugged my friend and I, I didn't have enough semblance to say anything beyond, "Oh my God!" When we went backstage after her show that night (you used to be able to when you were part of the fan club), the first thing she did was tell the story of my freak out and how she could still hear me saying "Oh my God!" seven floors below us in the elevator. She was really sweet about it and although I'm no longer a huge fan, I really cherish this memory.
3. On a related note, although I listen to country music selectively now, I used to be a huge fan and started a country music club in my high school. There were only five members, most of whom were just my friends trying to be supportive. Let's just say, I was country when country wasn't cool.
4. Ok, I'm totally on a roll with this country thing, so let's keep going, shall we? In 3rd grade, my girl scout troop had a fashion show and while everyone naturally dressed up as Madonna, I decided to rail against the majority and go as Loretta Lynn and wore a long flowing skirt and country top. Once again, I was not the belle of the ball, and I knew I wouldn't be going in, but to thine ownself be true, right?
5. It may not come as a surprise to you then to learn that I actually wanted to be a country music singer as a child and even contemplated attending college in Nashville just to try my hand, but came to my senses, thankfully.
6. The thing I am most worried about the process of IVF has nothing to with the needles. I absolutely hate having to pee and not being able to and liken it to Chinese water torture, so I'm terrified of the part where you must have a full bladder during transfer. I am so going to pee on the table...smallest. bladder. EVER.
7. I have a top 5 list. You know what I'm talking about ladies. At the top of it is David Boreanaz of Bones and Angel fame. *drool* What a beautiful hunk of man flesh.

Alright, that's all I have for you now. I know, only 50,000 words this time. I must be slipping. :)


Cassandra said...

re #6, I'm not sure if it will make you feel better or not, but for the most recent transfer my bladder was so full that the RE said, "There's no way you can hold it for 10 minutes after the transfer. We'll take care of that for you, you'll feel like a million bucks" and then proceeded to remove the pee for me with a cath. It was such a weird feeling to pee without doing it yourself, but apparently I drank more than I needed to that morning! So that's a possibility if you really can't hold it. Or if not, I'm sure you wouldn't be the first person to pee on the table.

Hope this cycle ends with a BFP and you can stay an IVF virgin, ignorant of caths and all the other fun stuff. Good luck!

Sarang said...

Thank you for the Silver Lined Uterus! You, Banditgirl and our other IRL IF sisters keep me sane...and laughing. Sometimes insanely laughing. ;>

And, I have to say, that acupuncturist you saw deserves to have "Beware" posters made up and spread around town with her photo on them. Horrendous treatment!

I had no idea about this pee thing. I am in trouble. I already pee a little when I sneeze or laugh too hard. Uh oh.

Lost in Space said...

Okay, I'm so lucky to have been able to meet banditgirl too and definitely agree that she has a silver lined uterus. (-;

LOL about your country music musings. And I harbor your fear of the full bladder. My RE for #1 and #2 did things a bit differently and didn't require it. It was one of the first things I asked our new nurse when we sat down with her. Inject me with all you want, but I am terrified of filling my already cracked and bleeding IC infested bladder. Not going to be a fun day. Hugs, hun.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the award!!! :)