Monday, June 11, 2012

Holy Cuh-Rap. Hold Me Back Because I am About to Cut a Bitch!

Well, folks. I sure do know how to pick 'em. For the back story on this acupunturist, see the post below this one.

After sending the acupuncturist a politely-worded email just voicing my concern, this is what I got back in response:

"Dear S:

Good Luck on this journey and your opinion was received. My intention was to inform and perhaps spare more suffering down the road.. My belief is that knowledge is Power..

I am viewing your situation from a different paradigm and world view.. The cause and effect from Functional medicine points out very clearly the relationship between a mothers metabolism directly effects the baby's.. The IVF specialists may not talk about this because essentially it is about pumping up the body to whatever degree is needed to get the job done so to speak..If the drugs overload the organs and cause toxicity that is what the baby ingests as well. allopathic medicine only registers toxicity at life threatening levels but the science of functional medicine is looking at the toxicity coming from the mothers placenta at birth.. The stats are startling and I think in mainstream we don't "register or acknowledge these stats.

This is why I was so forthright in sharing my opinion Because I am deeply disturbed as other professional colleagues.. again the argument about genetics is not really looking at the environmental stressors that cause the genetic mutations.Anyway I think you got my point. I hope this was helpful and not more disturbing for you.. actually is not easy for me to inform you but I felt as practitioner it is my responsibility..

best to you"

If that isn't the most full-of-herself crapola I've ever read! It's almost laughable. Almost. Except for the bulging, pulsating vein in my forehead and sky-rocketing blood pressure. Thoughts?


Melissa G said...

Commence Cutting A Bitch. What an ass!

Sarah B said...

....and this is why acupuncturists are so far down the medical food chain! Absolutely no training in (or regard for) the scientific process! She needs to stick to what she knows, and it isn't reproductive medicine. I agree that IVF is harsh on the body and isn't "natural," but obviously getting pregnant the other way isn't working. What a moron!