Wednesday, October 14, 2009


In June of 2008, I said goodbye to more than just a dream unrealized. That's what people who have never experienced this sort of loss forget. I didn't lose a pregnancy. I lost a baby, a unique being who had a combination of my and Mr. S's DNA-our first child. I was at what I thought was 10 1/2 weeks pregnant, but unbeknownst to me until the ultrasound that fateful day, he/she had stopped growing at just past 6 1/2 weeks. It was, by far, the most devastating day of my life.

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While I will not be at home at 7 PM tonight as I have been blessed enough to welcome my rainbow baby into the world and will be at a baby class because of him, I still will not forget my baby or the countless other children my friends have said goodbye to.