Tuesday, March 1, 2011

So Much for Anonymity...

Just a few months back, I was steadfast in my decision to not post any recent pictures of baby G for the world to see (or rather, toddler G!), but I guess my being hellbent on taking RESOLVE's pledge to not be silent about infertility REALLY conflicts with this goal.

Exhibit A:

I know. It's almost comical that we're on TV again. How did this happen? I mean, surely we're not anything unique or special in the world of infertility. We're just...how shall I put this? Media whores, lol.

If you'll recall our Good Morning America appearance from last year, the same doctor who treated us was on that program as well. At that time, it was Good Morning America who initially contacted us as a result of Mr. S' blog and eventually they decided to include our doctor. This time around, it was our local news station on NBC who contacted our clinic regarding their 'shared risk' program and when they needed some patients to interview, my doctor contacted me as she knows we're certainly not camera-averse.  Haha.

Yeah, maybe it's not the most informative piece and quite frankly, it was inaccurate several times (for example, I did not purchase a package of 6 IVFs, but 3 fresh and 3 frozen, however I know they're simplifying it for the general public, so I'll stop splitting hairs), but damn if my little miracle guy wasn't an adorable little ham. 

And, oh my God, could I have said, 'ya know' more? I think I had an entire sentence composed of it. I'm sure speech and drama teachers everywhere cringed, leaving me to ask, "my God, in the hour of footage, why did they choose THAT moment?" (probably because I said 'ya know' constantly anyways)

In other news, FIF is still alive and well! (see below) Despite my intensive recruitment, however, it is limited now to a group of my real-life IF friends and not the expansive cohort of ladies from around the country I had originally hoped for, but nevertheless we are going to have TOO much fun. I'll be sure to post pictures of the ovary headband!

Also, I'm thinking of starting a peer-led support group in my county as one does not exist and I may beg, borrow and steal from more family members for #2. More on that to come!