Monday, May 17, 2010

6 Months Later

**Kids mentioned.**

It's been ages since I've blogged about Baby G. And despite the drama that has filled up my blogging as of late, he is still the central focus of my life. And needless to say, he's growing like a weed...a very plump, round weed. :) Chubby baby rolls? Check. Chipmunk cheeks that look like he's smuggling walnuts? Check. Clothing that's has surpassed most 9-12 month sizes at only 6 months old? Check.  A lovely little man that often laughs to the point of almost hyperventilating and stuffs everything into that little mouth of his? Check, check.

So here we are 6 months from the day G was born. Though I remember the feelings I felt before and during pregnancy with startling clarity-the longing to meet him, the deep hope for his safe entry into this world, it still seems that a thousand lifetimes have passed between this time and that, especially with all that has come to pass in just six month's time. I am tired from the trials that I have seen lately (all of which have had nothing to do with G), but simultaneously G has left me exhilarated. All of my heart's desires came to me when when I first held him and never before have I awakened so consistently everyday in awe of my life. It is what I imagined, and more. It isn't anything I imagined, either. But it is, quite simply, a miracle.

One of the biggest regrets I've had has been my lack of documenting his milestones. It hadn't dawned on me how much he has changed until I started watching a video of him as a 3-week-old newborn the other day. I was wondering whose kid I was watching, but at the time taking the footage seemed so mundane. What was once a fellow with a floppy little bobble-head and newborn squeaks is now a giggling, smiling, squealing, sturdy guy that 'talks' up a storm.  He loves imitating raspberries and sticks out his tongue constantly and as of just recently has sprouted his first tooth. Strangely enough while he has not yet mastered or even cared for rolling over, he's been sitting up unassisted since 4 months old and does so with a posture much better than any I've ever had. He started solids a few weeks ago and while it was a slow start (he had the mechanics down, just not the pleasure for solid food), he's certainly coming around.

While I don't feel comfortable sharing G's pictures outside of my password protected blog (which is ironic, I know, considering I gladly gallivanted around on national TV courtesy of GMA), I am happy to share that he definitely got the best of us in both personality and looks. He is fiercely independent (he must control the spoon!) and has the best sense of humor.  He can laugh so easily and uncontrollably and it is always the most breathtaking set of sights and sounds. G is also quite a people watcher and despite his mood, when in public, he is always content in just sitting back. In fact, I thought he was going to get whiplash this afternoon at the pediatrician's office. He couldn't pick out who he wanted to watch! While he has my coloring, he has more of Mr. S's features. He is quite simply the most beautiful creature I have ever seen.

To be quite honest, there was a day not too long ago (during pregnancy) when I didn't believe that I would actually have a six month old. To have such luck didn't seem at all feasible, but now that I am here and I am blessed with such a charming, beautiful, bright little man, I have nothing more to ask from the world. All my debts are settled.

Friday, May 7, 2010

Mother's Day

On Sunday, I'll be thinking about Mothers who have been lucky enough to bring their little ones home, those who said goodbye too soon, and those still waiting, who have fought just as hard if not harder for their children as any Mother out there. It is irrelevent that your children have not yet found their way home. This day still belongs to you.

 And, of course, I will be thanking my lucky stars that my wait came to an end last year. It is still bizarre to me that I can call myself a Mother and it feels natural, commonplace when once upon a time I thought that perhaps I might feel like a fraud in saying it as it had been witheld from me for so long. When this shift took place, I'll never know, but I sank right into it. To call myself 'mommy' feels right and comfortable. After preparing for this role my entire life, I'm here and more than grateful.