Friday, September 7, 2012

Silent Monologue

Me: "Aw, what was the twinge? I'm getting my period I bet. I bet it's my period. Goddmanit! I bet it's all over."
Me (2 seconds later): "What if that's implantation cramps? Are there such a thing? Cause, it could happen. I could be pregnant!!"
Me (2 seconds after that): "Holy crap! My boobs are sore. They're never sore. But I'm certain it's the progesterone. It has to be. My boobs weren't even sore when I was actually pregnant. And there's just no way I'm pregnant. This is so not gonna happen."
Me (4 seconds later): "I went a whole four seconds without thinking about every twinge in my body. Go me!"
Me (2 seconds later): "What was that twinge? Damn it!"


Lorraine said...

Wow! Very exciting! So glad I checked my reader!

The 2WW just doesn't get any easier. Lots of fantastic good luck to you, my dear.

banditgirl said...

I have been thinking about you every day, Shelby. This is a trying time. IF writing helps, pour it out here, we are here to listen and send you hugs!

cheryllookingforward said...

I'm hoping and hoping for you! Lots of love and luck!

Claudia said...