Wednesday, April 6, 2011

PETA's Tasteless Campaign Mocking IFers

Please read more at Hannah Wept, Sarah Laughed regarding PETA's tasteless campaign mocking National Infertility Awareness Week and IFers and please sign the petition (link is at the top of Keiko's post) expressing your outrage. In the meantime, this is a snippet of the very brief two cents I added to my petition:

"As someone who is an animal lover and has historically been supportive of your organization, I am outraged and disgusted by your current campaign. I have suffered with infertility for over seven years and am saddened that millions of Americans who are undergoing heartbreak in the midst of their efforts to build their family are being mocked. We already face public silencing and stigma and had no need to be kicked while already down. Unless you can publically apologize, I can no longer call myself a supporter."

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