Friday, November 21, 2008


Well, hello! In case you've never visited my humble establishment, let me take the time to *briefly* introduce myself. I got the idea from The Unfair Struggle. Brevity is not a talent I have honed, so stand back and be impressed at the self-restraint:

Me: 30-year-old chick in the SF Bay Area.

Us: Married for 8 1/2 years.

Our Great Big IF: Trying for 4 1/2 years and currently on IUI #6. IUI #4 was successful, so to speak, but ended in miscarriage. We have been diagnosed with male factor (low count and motility). You may hear me talk about my 'monkey sisters'. These are a group of amazing women who began as fellow IFers in a support group, but who I now consider to be my friends. The discovery of their friendship has literally saved my sanity from the death trap of infertility.

If you haven't already done so, I encourage you to check out my hubby's guest post below. I'll be following up on my commentary shortly. Welcome!


Phoebe said...

Hmmm, been there with the whole short luteal phase and progesterone thing. My luteal phase has been short all my life. I thought a 24 day cycle was normal. Who knew?

From ICLW.

banditgirl said...

Gosh, am I still so netilliterate? What is ICLW?

And I thought 33 day cycles were normal...

banditgirl said...

I see, now I know: International Comment Leaving Week!

CTagsGirl said...

Your hubby is such a good sport for "guest" posting. Mine stays as far away from the blogosphere as possible. He still thinks I'm a giant nerd for being involved. :)

Wishing you all the best on IUI #6...Lucky number 6?! That has a ring to it!


Noemi said...

Thank you for the synopsis.

Just Me. said...

I just read your husband's post and it's hilarious and sooo well-written. Please tell him to start a blog so that my husband can read too. :)

I hope IUI#6 works for you, Shelby. Praying with lots of hope for you guys.

from ICLW *but you know i'll be back*


chicklet said...

Haven't been by in awhile but your new look is good. Nice cleanup:-)

Lost in Space said...

Just "one of your regulars" (; sending good thoughts that IUI #6 is the one to make your dreams come true.

I'm still anxious to hear your take on hubby's guest post. (:

lilyolil said...

I don't remember how many IUIs we did; it's good to know that some of the details fade away with time. Our daughter (adopted) is now seven, but I still am finding community via Mel's blog.

Elana Kahn said...

It's very nice to meet you! Hopefully your next IUI will work! I'm sending you major baby dust vibes!! Here from ICLW.

Kristin said...

When I was going through secondary infertility, my luteal phases were normal length but my progesterone levels were on the low end and I had many losses because of that.

I read your husband's guest post and it was brilliantly written. Kudos to him for joining the fun.


Amy said...

Thanks for the intro! I too have struggled through a short luteal phase. Good luck!


Celia said...


I am dying over your husbands description of the "love room". DH has seen some really fancy ones, but the one at our RE is as he says lame.

He downloads entertainment of choice onto his ipod.