Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Happy Birthday Mr. S.

Happy Birthday....

  • to the man who knows about this blog but doesn't read it because he wants me to have a 'safe' place to unload, where I don't edit my words.
  • to the man who melts over baby kittens the way a 6-year-old girl would, but doesn't show it to anyone but me.
  • to the man who devotes his 'resting' hours after work to steadily building his own company on the side.
  • to the man who put me through graduate school, supporting both of us at 22 and doing so without an ounce of complaint.
  • to the funniest man I know, whose razor sharp wit leaves me in stitches on a daily basis.
  • to the nicest guy I know, who always says 'hi' to strangers and never walks through the door first before opening it for the crowd behind him.
  • to the only man who can turn out the stomach churning dirty jokes with me and still somehow have friends at the end of it. :)
  • to the man who is a virtual kid magnet and who will, one day, be an incredible Father.
  • to the 'man' who first stole my heart over Starbucks and air hockey at 17, and who now prefers wine tasting or a bottle of aged scotch (babe, you're 30, not 60, lol)
  • to the man who is willing to turn over our last red cent for a dream I have that may or may not be, all just to make me happy.
  • to the man who is the best friend I could have never even fathomed having, Happy 30th Birthday!


Lorraine said...

I love what you write about your marriage and your husband - it's incredibly romantic without a hint of the sappiness that comes with big generalizations about love.

Happy birthday and cheers to Mr. S!

luna said...

happy birthday, mr. shelby! I love your tribute.

M and I played air hockey (and pinball) when we were in vegas, and had so much fun!

Tara said...

That is the sweetest thing I've read in a long time (without being cheesey at all!!!)!!!

Happy birthday, Mr. S! I hope yall have an awesome day!

I Believe in Miracles said...

Awesome!!! Happy Birthday to your fabulous hubby. :o)

Another Dreamer said...

That is so sweet, Happy Birthday to him. I hope you two do something special.

Nikki said...

Awww - that was so sweet! Happy Birthday Mr S! Have a very special 30th!

BTW Shelby - I tagged you. Details are on my blog

Trace said...

Aw aren't you sweet. Happy birthday to hubby!

Anonymous said...

Aww how sweet. Happy Birthday! (ICLW)