Sunday, September 14, 2008

Show and Tell!

When I tell people who have known me for only a short period of time that I lost approximately 90 pounds over the span of a year and a half, they tend not to believe me. It's not that they think I'm lying, but 90 pounds is a lot to wrap your mind around. I mean, 90 pounds is the size of a small person. Ok, a really small, Nicole Richie-sized person, but still, it's A LOT. You get my drift here.

Rather than show these non-believers living proof, I tend to emphatically say, 'just trust me'. I always watch their eyes grow wide with inspection, trying to imagine what another 90 pounds might look on me (or rather, another 75, as I'm struggling with that last 15). On most days, I'd really rather not bust out the pictures. It's amazing they exist at all as I got so amazingly good at dodging cameras (in fact, that's how I took up amateur photography-I wanted to be BEHIND the camera instead of in front of it). Still, as hard as it is to share them, I figured that since in many ways I've already bared my soul here, I might as well go all the way. Besides, I don't think you'll truly take my word for it until I cough up the proof.

So, here they are. The Before:

And The After:

Oh, did I mention Mr. S had his own transformation as well?

And mind you, neither of the before pictures were at our heaviest weights. I made sure all cameras were banned within a mile radius of me at that point.

On the first leg of my big weight loss journey, I did it alone and lost the first 70 pounds. After that, we moved from Idaho to California and I took a 'hiatus', maintaining my weight in the process. 7 months later, Mr. S decided to join me and we set out on a die hard quest. In the course of losing my last 20, he lost 50. Damn men and their faster metabolism! I have to say, although the last 20 were the hardest, they were in some ways the easiest as there's just nothing like the buddy system.

The first question I always get is, "how did you lose all the weight?" and personally, I think that part is the least relevant. It's how I gained the weight that is most important as being cognizant of this helps steer the difficult course of maintenance, in which I have been less successful. Actually, I had maintained my weight for a year until my pregnancy this April and as a result I happily gorged. After I lost our baby, I unhappily gorged. So, that's how I gain weight-through emotions. With the happy and mostly with the sad, I reach for the cookie box. Now this wouldn't be a problem if my life maintained a happy neutral, but as life does not seem to work this way, especially in dealing with infertility, my best defense is in being aware.

14 pounds up from my goal weight (after losing 6 this month), I am still working everyday to keep myself healthy. I'm well aware that this is a struggle neither of us will ever be able to ignore. And after all that IF has taken, it's up to me to not allow it to take this as well. Finally something I can control on this roller coaster.


Lost in Space said...

Okay, first off, Wow!!!! You look incredible! What a great transformation that had to be for you (and for Mr. S too). You should be so proud of your accomplishment.

I have issues with emotional eating too and that whole ED fiasco of my teens and early twenties. It will always be a struggle, but one step forward everyday and we will win.

My blog saves my sanity with the emotional part of this journey. Just keep leaving all the emotional baggage here and you will continue to thrive. Great job, Shelby!!

luna said...

that is amazing, shelby! quite a feat for both of you! gorgeous pix.

Nikki said...

Can I say WOW!!!!? You look amazing! What was your weight loss plan?

Most of the time IF takes from us, however, in the weight category, it leaves extra behind! Emotional baggage as well as physical.

I have some weight to lose and I'm struggling to find the motivation.....

Lorraine said...

Amazing! You both look gorgeous. Going through that challenge together seems like the real essence of marriage, too.

It's sooo hard not to turn to food when the hormone craziness of IF treatment takes over just when you aren't supposed to have wine or espresso. I have VOWED not to resort to cheesecake this time!

Just Me. said...

Holy wow wow wow wow wow!!!!!

Both of you look amazing and you should be so proud of yourself!!!! A good friend of mine recently lost so much weight and I keep telling her that she looks great too!!!

IF made me want to eat more too, especially the week before AF is due to arrive and the week after AF arrives.

Again, I have to say this, WOW!!!

g said...

Good for you!! Def a transformation! so proud of you! i know it wasnt easy!!

both DH and i are 50lbs over weight! and i hate it! i was 20 over my thinnest(prob too thin!) when i met DH but still a healthy wieght. it was with IVF i have gained 10 lbs with each of them.. and it SUX! and there comes the emotional stuff! adn not allowed to excersice! YUK! and the reagin hormones that make u hungry! uh yah!

Great job! i truely believe the joining the venture together really helps! we have tried that.. but i suppose not enough! we really need to try harder!!

Earl Gearl said...

Great job! I lost 70 pounds in a year a couple months so I know the struggle you have to go through on a daily basis to maintain. So hard!

Trace said...

Gorgeous girl!! Very nice, I am totally impressed!

Another Dreamer said...


I had lost 15 pounds before my pregnancy, and then gained it all back (plus some) after the miscarriage. I did exactly what you did gorging when I found out I was, and then gorging when I found out I wasn't anymore.

Shelby said...

I'd like to say we lost weight through plain old exercise and diet, which is true, but I did use a few tricks along the way.

I used we.ight watchers to jump start me both times and after a month or so, I went off on my own. Then, when I started to plateau, I would fall back to S.outh Beach, staying away from sugar and carbs and eating mostly lean proteins and veggies. That was awesome for quick loss, but I didn't stick to it in the strictest sense or for long periods of time.

I Believe in Miracles said...

Wow!! What a transformation. Congrats on your great accomplishment.

I can totally relate to the emotional eating. I do that all the time. Now I'm having to check myself big time.

MamaSoon said...

You look great! You look just as happy in all four pics. You are a beautiful girl, Shelby and your hubby's a cutie too. My DH lost 60 lbs since February. I lost 12 but gained 6 back. It is HARD WORK. Congrats on all you've achieved.

astral said...

You both look amazing!! I too emotional eat--something I learned from my mom. I applaud you in your journey. I am on a weight loss journey with WW. I have such a hard time dealing with IF and I still get sad and depressed. I wish you the best of luck to reach your weight goal and to have a family. I love the picture of you with your puppies. I'm here via the Virtual Lushary.

Hope2morrow said...

OH MY WORD! I'm just now getting caught back up! Honey, you are amazing! You both look so great, healthy, glowing.... I'm proud of you!

banditgirl said...

Hot, sexy couple! Both of you, together and separately! I see you on a magazine cover!