Monday, September 1, 2008

On Strike!

That's it. I'm taking a hiatus from My Space and Facebook (I know, I'm lame enough to be on both, but most of my friends have chosen one or the other). I might just have to stay in touch with them the old fashion way. Damn. I'm too lazy for that. In the mean time, if I see another update like,

" so excited to be picking out her baby bedding!!!"


"Sandy... is having a girl!!!"

(these are real life examples, by the way, with an emphasis on the breathtakingly puke-worthy exclamation marks)

Or if I see another picture of a newborn, an ultrasound, baby bump, or a newly set-up nursery, I'm canceling my accounts. Seriously. Why does this baby making plague touch down on all corners of the land but mine? 1 out of 6 couples have IF? So far, I'm not seeing that. Except for me. I'm getting a whole heaping helping of seeing that one. 20/20 vision here.

Ok. The hiatus begins now.
I will be strong.
I will resist the urge to see who left a comment on my profile.
I mean it.
I think...

But you better believe that when I get to the point where I'm buying baby bedding, I'll be plastering that shit all over the boards. (I'm such a freakin' hypocrite, but hey, I have to get a chance at pretending to be 'normal' just once, right? =-) )


Just Me. said...

Trust me! I hate facebook too. I had friends who posted their baby pictures almost every f-king day and they would announce, BABY'S FIRST LAUGH. BABY'S 1ST BIRTHDAY. BABY'S TAKING A NAP. BABY THIS AND BABY THAT.

Then, I started removing some of them from fb. The irritating ones who really have nothing better to do than post 100 pictures of their babies almost everyday.

It's not that I'm not into kids but gosh, do they have to keep announcing it to the whole wide world?

ps I love your tattoo. I have a small one at the back I did for my wedding and I am thinking of getting another one. It's the design of my header on my blog. :)

Nikki said...

I wish there was a way to "choose" which albums we want to show up in our Photos list! I've been bombarded too, and I'm so p*ssed off!

Sometimes I feel like saying something like " contemplating going to CCRM for IVF#5" on my status! (Just to make the fertiles a little uncomfortable)

And I feel pathetic putting up my dog's pictures in EVERY album I create. I have nothing else to advertise!!

I hear you - and I can completely understand your need to boycott the sites for a while!

I Believe in Miracles said...

It's hard when we're envious. I don't think it would bother us if we weren't ttc and not being successful. Now if someone writes that they're feeling sick = I think pregnant. And I was right for one.

Oh - love the non-IF list. I don't think I saw that before. Your husband was a triplet??!? That's so cool.

AnotherDreamer said...

I'm just glad that the pregnant people around me haven't popped yet... it's coming though. One's due this month, the other next month. I say, if you are not good friends and they are some distance away from you... delete delete delete. I would. yikes.

But I know if I ever get pregnant, or even adopt, I am plastering that stuff all over my myspace/facebook!

chicklet said...

I've never used Facebook (cuz I don't want to keep in touch with people i ditched long ago) so I think it's the devil. Avoid it, stay away from it, stay strong!

MamaSoon said...

I know. Totally annoying to see all the time. Sigh. I try never to look at those comments.

Katie said...

OMG I know EXACTLY how you feel! I ESPECIALLY LOVE the updates were the mom's are complaining about being pregnant. UGH