Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Off the Juice

That self-imposed strike from the likes of Facebook and MySpace is going swimmingly. I am free from birth announcements and ultrasound pictures...for the time being. I'm sure sooner or later they'll slink their way into my email inbox, littered with pictures and lots of '!!!!!!' and OMGs!! In the mean time, I'm 9 days off the juice and quite proud of myself. Do I get a chip yet?

I've decided to postpone my IUI until next cycle. Work is so busy and CD1 is likely next week, just 3 weeks into an already crazy schedule. Add in the the extra $600 and I think I'd be so stressed it would guarantee a busted cycle. Therefore, October is our month-our month to go through the motions of yet another IUI, just to prove to ourselves that we tried every less invasive and less expensive route known to man before finally getting real with ourselves. I both dread and look forward to going into that next cycle. At least going au natural guarantees me no heartache over BFNs as I expect nothing less from Mother Nature who decided to royally screw us. Thanks, Mom!

So, this weekend we're heading to a get together. Wish me luck in avoiding any stupid prying, especially since I'm not sure I trust my mouth in avoiding trouble around this topic. I'd like to continue this closeted existance, for now...and continue to not have any assault and battery charges on my record. That would definitely hold the finger prints up.


Lost in Space said...

I'm glad you are enjoying your time away from the "addictions". LOL.

Your plan sounds like a great one as you have so much on your plate right now. I completely understand that "going through the motions" feeling.

Posting your bail could be tight (damn IF treatments) so try to keep yourself out of trouble. (: Seriously though, I'll be thinking of you. These things are never easy.

Lorraine said...

I officially started my October cycle today (BCPs) so I will definitely be rooting for good autumnal influences. Fall is all about harvest, bounty, etc. I'll take what I can get interms of good auspices.

Try not to blow your cover - somehow, word gets around and then everyone is giving you those brave smiles and patting your arm. Blech!

Sarang said...

Shelby, this is "L" from the drop-in IF support group, and I want to tell you that you are absolutely fabulous, too. Thanks for sharing your blog~~~hearing more about your story, so many things ring true for me, like, yes, that is JUST how it feels. You know my hubby's recent illness news and while I'm focusing on that, IF is never far from my (our) mind. I missed you ladies this month and will be crossing my fingers that "all the stars align" for you in October...

Another Dreamer said...

Way to go with staying off the juice, lol.

And I'm keeping my Fx for your next IUI.

I Believe in Miracles said...

Way to go!! I think this is a wise move to make, even though it might seem far away at times and yet just around the corner.