Wednesday, August 27, 2008

My Records Have Lost More Weight this Week than I Have

I am back with the gratuitous posting as I'm still waiting on prints to clear before they let me step foot onto campus. Did I kill someone and not know about it? What is taking so long? This is driving me nuts. I don't do unemployment well (ok, it's not technically unemployment, but I should be working right now).

To illustrate this, exhibit A: further organization of the IF medical records. I realized several things as I combed through the 140 pages and organized them by date and patient in a sparkly new binder:

1. I need to get a life. Or a hobby.
2. Our IF records are not 140+ pages. There are many duplicates and, in some cases, triplicates of our records. While our file is still formidable, it's not quite the masterpiece it once appeared to be.
3. I'm embarrassed to say this, but this was the first time I actually sat down and really read through the files, piece-by-ever loving-piece. During this, I realized I was mistaken on several details.
4. First, we have always been diagnosed just male factor. Because of the regularity of my periods, etc., I was never actually diagnosed as anovulatory. BUT...there have been a few pesky incidents of the elusive Ms. AF since then and early reports of possible cysts and high E2 values 2 years ago (no longer seeming to be an issue). Must investigate further...or maybe I'm just beating a dead horse, looking for answers that may be too slippery to find or that have already been found.
5. While my doctor mentioned possibly seeing an FSH of 12.4, I found no record of this, at all. My FSHs ranged from 3.4-to the current 7.4.
6. While those FSH numbers look good, I see a trend over these two years of active treatment. Neither of us are getting any more fertile. I'm believing the age/fertility correlation because I see it in our numbers. As I watch my FSH quickly paddle it's way up, Mr. S's SA are getting progressively worse. This makes me even less optimistic for less invasive approaches.
7. In collecting all of the receipts together, I am beginning to realize the amount of money we have already dropped on a non-existent baby. Ain't this the truth?


Nikki said...

I am saving all those receipts! When my child turns 18 (if I have a child that turns 18!!) I am going to hand over the "receipt folder" and ask for reimbursement!

I need to also sit and look at my documents and get them in order. Now, after 7 years of TTC, 6 years of doctor interventions, I have masses and masses of papers at home, and I really need to sort them out!!

(PS: I worked in recruiting for a long time - background checks and fingerprinting could sometimes take a while - specially in CA - the courts are overloaded! - Sorry you have to wait!)

Lost in Space said...

I have a giant excel spreadsheet (imagine that) with all of my medical appointments, costs, reason for visit, mileage, etc. and a binder with all my receipts. You can bet we will be itemizing our medical expenses come tax time.

I'm glad you were able to sort it all out and find some good surprises (no elevated FSH is wonderful!!)

You have inspired me to call both my REs and my OB/Gyn to get all my records. (:

MamaSoon said...

I shed the extra weight in my records 5 months ago. interesting stuff in there. kinda depressing too.

g said...

I too went through my records and found "stuff" that i have not been told about.. Interesting!! to say the least.. its funny what they keep from us.. but keep items! i ended up pointing them out to our NEW RE.. I too keep a folder of al my reciepts.. not as organized as Lost but they are all together for tax time...

I Believe in Miracles said...

Ah! I forgot about weightless wednesdays. Eek! Course I haven't been on a scale all week nor did I do very well on the exercise/diet last week... so my numbers would not improve. Oh well.

Good job on getting all your records organized. This will be a great project for me to do when I get back... have to get on that.

Trace said...

Save the receipts! You have to spend 10% of your salary for it be used for a tax refund.

Shelby said...

Nikki: Lol, good idea.
Lost: I so want to be OCD like you. That's a beautiful thing. :)
Mamasoon: Yes, it is depressing. It makes me further wonder why we're wasting our time with IUIs.
G: I've decided that I want an RE who tell sit like it is, flat out. No one has ever really done that.
I believe in miracles: Oh, my weight loss has been miserable.
Trace: Yay for tax write offs!
At this point in time, with just IUIs, we haven't hit the 10% mark, but if Ms. IVF shows up before '09, you better believe I'll be getting that write off!