Saturday, August 23, 2008

New Job, New Possibilities

Friday was a delightful, but harried day.

First, and possibly foremost, I spoke with the new job's HR and learned that they pay for a significant amount of my HMO coverage, whose IF treatment is INCREDIBLY discounted (no IVF, however). So, we'll be heading back to RE #2 for a few cheap IUIs. Why the hell not? The odds are slim, but at least they're there. And they're cheap! ($300 for injectable IUI vs. $3200 atRE #3). Sign me up! If it doesn't take, enter RE #3 again. More on that later...

Then, the reminders I was hoping to avoid at work came sooner rather than later. This one requires a little background:

I officially resigned from my former school district 2 weeks ago, trading a 50 minute commute for a 6 minute commute. I'm pretty certain it was one of the best decisions I've made thus far in my life. But before I did officially resign, I expressed reservations to the new district as I knew with such short notice I would be leaving my old district in a bind. So, the new district was gracious enough to offer my services to my old school district for the first 2 weeks of school while they looked for someone new. But, those two weeks never came. I got a call from my old boss yesterday saying that they had already hired someone who would begin on Monday, immediately freeing me to my new district. So the clean slate has come sooner than later and I am officially excited!

I spent Friday in the empty school buildings cleaning out my offices and wiping the internet bookmarks/history off my work laptop (I'd rather not divulge to IT that I spent the last month of work perusing It was bittersweet, but with the closing of that door, I am opening a new one-one that will afford me an extra hour of sleep and a more flexible schedule to pursue treatment no less!

Immediately after my boss called, my RE called. More good news. My FSH and E2 were within normal limits (7.4 and 18, respectively). Of course, I realize that in the wide and convoluted world of IF this does not mean I'll suddenly start popping out the babes, but at least its something we can rule out for now. I brought up the possibility of PCOS as no one has ever really addressed this. And since I've been paying RE #3 a boatload of money, I might as well entertain my curiosities, right? There are myriad reasons why I've suspected PCOS (ever-so lovely facial hair patterns convincing me that I could grow a nice goatee if so inclined-thank God it's blonde and I know a good waxer- adult acne, ongoing weight problems, a possible history of cysts), but RE #3 is not at all convinced I have PCOS.

I hate to sound like I'm a bandwagon self-diagnoser, but perhaps I always wanted some nicely packaged explanation of my role in our IF, whatever that might be, and PCOS seemed like it might be it. I guess, in the end, I just want answers, or rather, solutions (like the story of a fellow IFer and PCOS patient who took metformin and was pregnant within the month-I want THAT!). But I guess it's not that simple. Nevertheless, the beginning of my weekend took a nice turn towards new possibilities. New hope. I'll take every sliver here and there I can get!


Nikki said...

The proverbial "ducks" are lining up! Good luck with the new job and with the old RE!

Lost in Space said...

So many good things happening!! I'm glad you are feeling some hope and great news on the IUI injects cost with your new insurance!! That difference in commute sounds so wonderful too!!

I'm glad you were able to get things taken care of at your old job without all the well-meaning questions from co-workers. (hugs)

I completely understand wanting to find a concrete fixable reason for IF. "Crap eggs" doesn't give me much to go on. I do think our gut instincts are worth trusting though so pursue the PCOS question if you feel this way.

Hope2morrow said...

Glad to hear you were released from the old job to begin the new one!

Also glad things are lining up.....

MamaSoon said...

Score of being freed from the old school!
Score on 6 minute commutes.
And yes, Score on the good hormone levels.

luna said...

great about the new job, and the new health insurance! it's frustrating when you don't have answers, so hope you get some.