Tuesday, August 12, 2008


I was tagged by LostinSpace.

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Begin the randomness:

1. Before I begin this, I think I'll decide to call the hubby 'Mr. Shelby' from now on as I really need to get on the husband nickname in cyberspace bandwagon. DH just doesn't seem personal enough. And, given that he's taking my name and not the other way around is a little slice of feminist heaven, right? I am but a follower, what can I say? I digress.

So, anyway, in the 8 years that Mr. Shelby and I have been married, we have moved as many times, including 7 different cities and 2 states. No, we're not military. As a result, I own my personal set of moving boxes, which take up half my garage. Most of the moves have been for his job and one of them happened recently in February as our landlord went into foreclosure. Good times. Not.

2. I was a nanny throughout college. Nothing special about this one, except that my line of thinking was that I needed as much practice as possible before my own came around. Who knew they were going to take their sweet time getting here?

3. I was a drama and choir geek in high school and adored it, but have not performed since then. I think the ham in me has finally died. :) Although I do love to rip through a little bit 'o karaoke from time to time (provided sufficient amounts of liquid courage).

4. When I was about 4, the court I lived on was filled with boys. I was the only girl and the youngest one at that and wanted desperately to hang out with them and play baseball, but they wouldn't let me. So, knowing boys had penises (I had already confirmed this via 'I'll show you mine'--I know, I was a little trollop), I put a curler in my pants and tried to join them. Needless to say, this didn't exactly convince them that I was now indeed a boy. A few mothers were horrified at this gesture, but my Mom thought it was a hoot.

5. I used to work as a crisis mental health clinician. The main part of my job was assessing psychotic/suicidal clients who had been brought to the Emergency Room by the cops. I consulted with law enforcement to determine whether they needed to be placed on a mental hold (hospitalized). Believe it or not, I loved the job!

6. I once owned a 23-pound cat, the result of a hardy appetite and free feeding. I say 'once' because while I still have him, he is now 15 pounds. He rapidly lost the weight through a method I would like to call 'diabetes'. After a short period of daily injections and prescription food (no longer free fed), he is in remission. I was once a bad kitty owner, but coming from a home where food=love, this was a natural progression.

Tag, you're it! ( I'm sure most of you have already been tagged, but I've only been in the IF-blogverse for a few weeks, so this is the extent of my reading list so far!)

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MamaSoon said...

Thanks for the tag. I've posted my response.

Haaaa. Mr. Shelby.

I so need to put my cat on a diet.

Curler in your pants was hilarious and invented. Do you get enlarge your penis emails now?

I loved your randomness.

Lost in Space said...

LOL about the curler. That is too damn funny. I grew up in a neighborhood full of boys too and learned to ride my bike when I was 3 so they wouldn't call me a baby anymore.

I loved reading more about you. (:

g said...

WOW a Crisis mental Health Clinician that must have ben stressful..
and curler in the pants that is a hoot! i too was the only girl in my neighborhood although i was older no curler was necessary! Also all my cousins were boys too... i was a bit of a tomboy you'd say..
and finally I too have a 20lb cat! haha makes me feel like a bad mama... my other cat is too skinny so how do reg the food on that one! i leave a full bowl out all day its not my fault the big one eats it all and the skinny one doesnt get any! hahaha... survival of the fittest right! hahaha
Kudos to you on the moving WOW! i hate it.. it wasnt so bad when i was younger as i moved quite a bit too but i also HAD LESS STUFF! haha Thank goodness when my DH got transferred this last time his CO. paid for movers! AHHH what a relief!