Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Private Profile

I just yanked my profile because I did something silly. You see, this site is truly anonymous, as in, even Mr. S doesn't have the URL (but knows about it). In an act of utter carelessness, I was perusing the blog of one of my real life and SUPER hyperfertile friends (who knows nothing of my IF), and managed to comment while still signed in under this account. While I deleted the comment immediately, I thought I would go private on my profile for safe measure. I'm pretty sure there's nothing left once you delete it (as in, no name or links), but just in case, I'll be going lo pro for awhile.

By the way, I referenced this friend's husband in an earlier post after he blogged that God must believe infertiles don't deserve children, so you can understand why I don't feel comfortable allowing them access!


Karen said...

Ooops! I hope your deletion worked. That man is an ass. I guess God must feel he didn't deserve brains. I wonder if he would think differently if he knew you are one of those infertiles of whom he speaks.

Lost in Space said...

My DH would call what you did "pulling a Brenda". (: I am famous for doing this kind of stuff without even realizing it until much later. I hope the deletion worked although I'd like to let that guy read what an ass we all think he is. (:

I Believe in Miracles said...

I wondered what happened when I tried to click on it!!

I did that once (although it wasn't a close friend) and now I double check all blogger ID before posting. Just takes one to freak you out.

You were completely right on the Gone with the Wind. Good job!! I love that movie. You'd be amused - when we first moved into our house, the curtains in our living room were exact replicas of the curtains Scarlett made the dress with. Hilarious!!

AnotherDreamer said...

Wow, I can't believe that guy said that (although honestly I can, because some people are extremely ignorant!)

I agree, keep a low profile, yikes.

Trace said...

I had an adoption blog before we decided to try DI and I kept the blog private for a looong time so when I left a comment if someone clicked on my profile only the adoption blog came instead of both adoptin blog and DI blog.

I went PW protected for a little while too, but your posts don't show in any of the readers.

MamaSoon said...

OH Man. I hate when I do that. It happens every couple weeks and sending me in a panic. How many times had I done it without catching it. Geez.